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Black hole eruption near Earth

Black hole eruption near Earth


The Murchison Widefield Matrix (MWA), which is located in Western Australia, He was able to shoot radio broadcasts (dispersion of energy) A supermassive black hole close to Earth. it is expected that black hole explosion which is located in centauri a It has dimensions of it equals 16 full moons arranged in a row.

according to Dr. Benjamin McKinley, lead author of a paper published in Nature Astronomy:These radio waves come from matter being sucked into the black hole. super massive in Galactic Center“.

In the same way, It was voiced by Mar Gomez, the scientific interlocutor That Centaurus A is a nearby galaxy the planet earth (12 million light years) which its black hole It was in Volcano eruption for millions of years. It is capable of releasing the substance at a speed close to the speed of light as it draws energy from the incoming gas.

The waves form a disk around the hole As a matter of tears Powerful jets form on both sides of the discAnd Most of the material was expelled into space at distances of more than one million light-years.” The scientist explained regarding Supermassive black hole behavior.

the The International Center for Research in Radio Astronomy We can learn a lot from Centaurus A. Thanks to how close it is and it is possible to monitor it in detail. the The researchers combined radio observations with X-ray and optical dataTo better understand the physics of these black holes.

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