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Bill Belichick is leaving the New England Patriots after 24 years at the helm

Bill Belichick is leaving the New England Patriots after 24 years at the helm

It looks like what was an open secret was confirmed on Thursday, and that's about it Amid speculation about the future of the New England Patriots, the NFL and historic coach Bill Belichick appear to have made the decision to part ways.Final.

According to reports by Ian Rapoport. Bill Belichick and the Patriots have decided to end their time after 24 seasons togetherSo, starting next season, the Pats will have a new coach.

from here, Belichick and the Patriots put an end to a golden era filled with success, as the coach led the team to six Super Bowl rings. The same one where Tom Brady was the main character on the team.

next to, Belichick's record with the Patriots includes nine AFC titles and 17 AFC East championships, Thus, it is one of the teams of the era in the NFL.

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During his 24 years leading the Pats, Belichick has achieved 266 victories, in addition to achieving unbeaten campaigns and records for consecutive matches without knowing defeat.Plus, great NFL legends have passed through their ranks, including… Brady himself, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman are among other great players the Pats and the NFL have played in the recent past.

Patriots officially announce Belichick's departure

It is expected to begin at noon, Thursday, EST. The New England Patriots hold a press conference with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick dueling To announce the departure of the coach.

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TIt's also possible that the owner of the New England Patriots will announce what's next for the franchise After the end of an important era that lasted almost a quarter of a century.