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Bacán de la Vida arrives in Miami and joins the Carlucho Show

Bacán de la Vida arrives in Miami and joins the Carlucho Show

Famous comedian Nelson Godin, Known as “El Bacán de la Vida”, arrived in Miami and can now be seen in Carlucho’s hilarious show in Mega TV And in Univista TV.

His presentation on the program surprised thousands of Cuban families in South Florida, Thursday, who did not stop mocking the events of the artist. The presenter’s presentation, who was celebrating his second birthday, came in a wooden box sealed with a crisp poster. When El Bacán was discovered, she created more than one joke on the topic.

“Hey, there was a quarrel between you and me – he said to Carlocho – but you were going to kick me in the balls, not put me in a drawer since 7 p.m. I didn’t die because I used to live drowning,” he joked.

Many of his friends and members of the comic union in Cuba wished him success in his new life and emphasized that they will miss this wonderful actor who has not appeared on the Cuban screen for several years.

Comedian Otto Ortiz said on Facebook, “I’m not going to be able to say more to TM, now I have to tell YM, Pussy how I’m going to miss it.”

In January of last year, the famous Cuban actor also joined Carlucho Show. Andy Vasquez Facundo, Who can subsequently return to television after an argument on the island.

Recently Gundin He strongly criticized statements on the Cuban government program by comedian “Ferolo”. He said on Facebook that “the allegation of ignoring or burying” his “generation of comedians has long been attributed” by the Cuban regime.

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Gondin’s statement came in the context of an interview with humorist Ferolo on the TV show “La Pobela Amazrada”, directed by the Cultural Political Commissar and Spokesman for the Cuban government Irwell Sanchez.

“With our successes and failures, especially on the aesthetic level, Cuban humor is closest to reality, to the lives of ordinary people. Because humor belongs to people from below, the characters are representations of the common man, although the comedian defended his sense of humor as a condition.” Of human intelligence. ”

Gundin also denounced that “it is no coincidence that television itself only approves humorous projects that are already known to be unsuccessful,” and that “fun and funny events“ go ”almost unnoticed by the press, when they have proven that they are the ones who move the most. From the masses. “

Part of his fans, based in the US, celebrated Elbacan’s decision to live and work in Miami and never stopped sending glowing welcome messages to him.

“So many blessings and I hope you have many successes on that stage with Carlucho. You deserve it, you are a great artist like Andy Vázquez. I expect many victories from you. Successes and Pa ‘lante. You have a world in front of you and people that like you. Welcome to you. This beautiful country. To hit it hard and tell Carlucho that car pa When Jjjj we love you, you are the pride of Granmense. From New Jersey, Greetings from these Bayameses, ”

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