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At this time they will be giving away free Burger King Whoppers on May 28th

At this time they will be giving away free Burger King Whoppers on May 28th

Free Whoppers Burger King May 28.  What time will the promotion start?  Photo: private
Illustrative image. Free Whopper on May 28 at Burger King. Photo: Antonio Miranda | Market2.0

It is celebrated on May 28th Whopper day, Therefore, Burger King will give away its signature product on this date.

Burger King wants all consumers to take their Whopper to celebrate.

For this reason, women and men are wondering when the free Whopper promotion will start Burger King?

Next, we’ll give you all the details about the free Whopper promotion starting at Burger King on May 28.

At this time the free Burger King Whopper promotion begins

The brand indicated in a statement that, as of the opening of the branches on Monday, May 28,… whoppers grataccord.

If you want to know the opening hours of the Burger King branch closest to your home, please click here.

This is how you can get a free Whooper from Burger King

to get Whopper Free on May 28, Burger Day, all you have to do is buy any set, then request the promo and that’s it.

The free Whopper is one per ticket.

The promotion will only apply to celebrate Hamburger Day on May 28.

When is Hamburger Day and why is it celebrated?

World Hamburger Day is celebrated on May 28 every year, and is a day dedicated to one of the most famous and popular dishes in the world. But what is the origin of this celebration and the hamburger itself?

The history of the hamburger is somewhat diffuse, with many cities and chefs claiming to have invented it. However, the most accepted theory suggests that its origin dates back to Hamburg, Germany, in the 19th century. At the time, sailors would eat slices of ground beef between two slices of bread, a comfort food that quickly became popular.

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The recipe crossed the Atlantic with German immigrants, arriving in the United States at the end of the nineteenth century. There the hamburger evolved, adding new ingredients and becoming a staple of American fast food.

The popularity of the hamburger skyrocketed in the 20th century, thanks to the emergence of fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King. Today, the hamburger is a global dish, with countless variations and modifications around the world.

World Hamburger Day is an opportunity to celebrate the rich history and diversity of this dish. It’s a day to enjoy our favorite version of a burger, whether it’s classic, gourmet or veggie.

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