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Artificial intelligence has already entered the medical field in the country

Artificial intelligence has already entered the medical field in the country

Artificial intelligence is being used in the country in various areas of the medical field, both in clinical training programs and consultations, data management and patient assessment, becoming a key partner in diagnosis and decision-making.

Emergency physician Pablo Semester, president of the Dominican Society for Medical Simulation, explains that he is currently working with artificial intelligence in various projects, including the laboratory of advanced simulators aimed at INTEC medical training, where he is a teacher. They are beginning to shift their focus towards virtual reality, zoomed in and extended.

It is part of several Unen Group projects, among which stand out the virtual consultation platform MyMédico, which arose from an epidemic and saw almost 20,000 patients, and the innovative service called Command Center, which attends and supervises everyone. Health indicators arising in medical care through the organization of medical clinics established in institutions.

The tool is used in a bilateral agreement signed between Grupo Unen and Northwell Health Hospitals in the US, along with educational availability and virtual second opinion consultation. Both platforms are based on artificial intelligence to collaborate with diagnostic images.

Eight schools

Eight medical schools in the country currently have simulator centers or laboratories for medical training, including the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Dr. INTEC, which was started 15 years ago. Smester pointed out. An augmented and extended virtual reality project is launched in the simulated lab.

He recalled that Yunen Group developed software for telemedicine, which started with the Covid-19 pandemic for patients, the MiMetico platform, which has now been expanded to incorporate artificial intelligence diagnostics, image reading and indicators through the use of macros. Date.

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He said that the use of artificial intelligence gives greater efficiency Low level of error in diagnosis and treatment of patients.


He explained that medical simulation is teaching medicine through simulators. He said that according to the investment made, these laboratories can have mannequins of various limitations such as decay, sweating, secretions, hemodynamic changes; Simulate heart, stomach and lung sounds and respond to medications.

“These dummies can cry, sweat, secrete secretions, undergo hemodynamic changes; simulate heart, stomach and lung sounds and respond to medication.”

Paul SemesterPresident of the Clinical Simulation Society

From the Dominican Society of Clinical Simulation, he explained that it involves human resources working in the simulation centers of universities and seeks to professionalize the teaching of medicine through simulation.