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Aracely Arámbula and her radical shift in interest in scandal

Aracely Arámbula and her radical shift in interest in scandal

The an actress Arasili Arambola He’s been in the eye of the hurricane since his ex-wife Arturo Carmona He made some comments about their relationship, and decided to undergo a drastic change.

Definitely a beautiful woman and talented actress How do Arasili ArambolaAny change you make to your appearance will always look amazing.

Being a public figure, the heroine of the TV series “Amigas y Rivales” has always become a trend, especially since she is also the ex-partner of Luis Miguel with whom she has two children.

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Due to some statements made by actor Arturo Carmona in an interview about how his relationship with La Chule ended, he immediately became the subject of a trend, but it seems that his comments did not affect the courtship of the actress.

vice versa Arasili Arambola She opts for a change that makes them forget her ex-boyfriend’s words and focus on her renewed beauty.

Aracely Arámbula showed a drastic change after the scandal | Instagram aracelyarambula

Through his social networks, on Instagram more specifically, he shared a photo of him wearing a new look that changes his hair.

A day earlier, the actress posted a photo via her official Instagram account, in which she wears a two-piece suit, jacket and cotton pants, to instantly accentuate her hair.

Surely you will remember that Arámbula was constantly dyeing her hair, we saw her blonde, red and brown hair, this time she decided to do some highlights and strands in the front part, in the lower part we notice a beautiful blonde.

Her beautiful green eyes instantly stand out with this fresh look, which has astonished her followers who never stopped complimenting her like her friends and co-workers.

What did Arturo Carmona say in an interview?

The actor stated that they had a secret relationship for a long time, and it seems that Araci had little that ended her relationship with Luis Miguel, which is why he had to put up with his girlfriend who is definitely hiding her due to the criticism.

The thing Carmona mentioned that definitely didn’t sound nice to the actress, was that she confirmed that when Luis Miguel went to see his kids, she stayed with them, could he have hinted at something?

Despite the fact that he and his kids were spending quality time together, he probably couldn’t stand the thought of staying in the shade of the “sun”.

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