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Ángeles Peña responde tras polémico tweet sobre gente fea en TV

Ángeles Peña responds after a controversial tweet about ugly people on TV

After the controversial tweet of the Executive Advisor to the Directorate of Government Strategy and Communication, Maria Altagracia de los angeles pena pennawho criticized the image of news reporters on various TV channels, apologized to those who may have felt bad after these statements.

If someone was offended because they understood I was saying it in a pejorative way, “I’m really sorry.”

He also clarified that they were not taken out of context, “I think if you look there are many boxes…a number of comments from false accounts.”

“I am not a gold coin that everyone likes and everything I say in this country always generates opinions.”

Peña argued that the tweet arose as a result of reports presented at the book fair.

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“The truth is that I was very sad because TV (who of us in the media) are models, what we sell is a picture.”

He added that “there is no justification for any reporter to report as if he is a Reggaeton player wearing pants, showing his pants from behind.”

“The important thing about this is that we have to take care of the way we present ourselves to the public and the people because people need respect,” he concluded.

This data was presented in the El Sol de la Mañana¨ programme.

The origin of the conflict

Maria Altagracia de los angeles pena pennaHe criticized the image of news reporters on various television channels.

On his Twitter account, he said: Channels should pay more attention to the image of news reporters and news presenters… Wow! How many people dress ugly and badly on TV¨.

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Immediately, the comments for and against these statements were immediate.


It is noteworthy that Angels Peña was appointed to this position under Article 3 of Ordinance 684-21 in 2021.