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American employees will receive a third salary in September: who and why?

American employees will receive a third salary in September: who and why?

There are some months of the year that can be more economically satisfying for workers in the United States. And this is exactly what could happen in September 2023, where some employees may receive up to three paychecks. In Solo Dinero we’ll explain why.

This is the case for employees who get paid every two weeks on Fridays, since in September they have access to three paychecks. This possibility applies to all months that have five collection days.

“So if you get paid on Fridays 1st, 3rd, and 5th, that means you have an extra paycheck, which you obviously still earn, but is probably outside of your regular budget like a windfall or a small bonus.” Chanel Bisset, a banking specialist at NerdWallet, told Nexstar.

The point is, it’s like everything This rule will not apply to all employees who get paid every two weeks. And it is that this format will depend on every American company.

According to the clarification provided by Alliant Credit Union, those employees who received their first salary on January 6, 2023, during the next three pay months, namely March and September, will have the possibility to receive three payments of paychecks. Alternatively, if you wait until January 13th to receive your income, the three months’ paycheck will be in June and December.

What does the math say?

Accounts are responsible for giving these results. This conclusion is obtained by dividing the 52 weeks by two, and since payments are made every two weeks, this means that employees will receive 26 checks over the course of a year. If you multiply the number of months in the year by two, the result will be 24. This means that you will receive a third salary for some months and not in others.

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“You can use it for anything you’re planning and anything you want to get a little extra slick about,” Bissett said. “And it can also be great for making some fun money. We wouldn’t say you need to use it for 100% productive stuff. You know, if you guys want to do a little splurge, this might be a good opportunity to do that.”


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