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America: Jardine is preparing to make changes for the second leg of the semi-final

America: Jardine is preparing to make changes for the second leg of the semi-final

The coach will give minutes to players who were substitutes in the first leg against Atletico San Luis.

he America The second leg of the Apertura 2023 semi-final against atletico de san luis, After their 5-0 win in the first leg, which put Azulcrema one and a half feet ahead in the final of the tournament. Mexican League.

The technician Andre Jardin It will give play to less active players and rest some of the more important pieces in recent matches. And

Among the players who sat on the bench during the first 90 minutes of the series were names such as Israel Reyes, Jonathan Rodriguez, Santiago Naveda, Richard Sanchez, Leo Suarez, Kevin Alvarez, Salvador Reyes and Ramon Juarez, all of whom have been key to the team and sources said. Sometime during the season espn.

Andre Jardin He was questioned about the possibility of making some changes to his starting lineup this Saturday, but the Brazilian remained silent and replied that “it is not appropriate for us to give information to the competitor.”

Although he added, “If there is any change, it will be to make us stronger and more intense, by hiring a more fresh player, but with the aim of making us stronger.” garden In a press conference.

In the same context, he expressed, “We still have time for this (identifying the main team), but it will be with the aim of making ourselves as strong as possible in the tournament.”

During their three matches in the Liguilla, the feathered team managed to score nine goals and concede only two.

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The only defeat suffered by the Feathers in Apertura 2023 occurred on the first day when they received Juarez. In that match, they suffered a setback with a score of 2-1. Since June 30, Azulcrema does not know what it feels like to lose Mexican League.