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Álvarez-Buela resigns from the Mexican Academy of Sciences

Álvarez-Buela resigns from the Mexican Academy of Sciences

Maria Elena Alvarez-BuelaChief of Conahsett, I resign to Mexican Academy of Sciences AC

Through a public letter, he accused minorities of using the academy for political purposes and special interests.

He pointed out that conservative power groups seized control of the AMC and used it to attack the current government for the purpose of defending certain interests under the pretext of promoting science, and nullifying the public interest.

Dr. Alvarez-Buela Roces also denounced AMC's opposition to converting Conacyt to today National Council for the Humanities, Science and Technology (Conahsett).

He also accused the administration of José Antonio Seadi Corre, the current president of the academy, of giving voice to opponents of the current federal government.

The lack of memory is sold with a false academic stamp, and there is an insistence on a return to that sad and disastrous neoliberal past of obscurity, group privilege, elitism, classism, waste and, above all, consent to multi-million dollar transfers of resources. “Public interests prevailed,” he said.

Maria Elena Alvarez-Buela He stated that he joined the Mexican Academy of Sciences with the idea that in cooperation with its members he could contribute to the promotion of national science.

But he stated that civil society organizations are practically subject to the control of neoliberal thinkers who promote private interests above the public interest, and seek to return to the past in the field of science and technology.

They are opposition politicians dressed in an academic garb that can hardly hide the nature of their alliances with those in Mexico who oppose the welfare of the majority.

He said that the Mexican Academy of Sciences no longer represents me.

After her resignation from the AMC, the Conahcyt president urged her colleagues to build legitimate and generous bodies that protect genuine academic scientific work, and promote national sovereignty and the well-being of the majority.

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