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All flights in May

All flights in May

Officials at the “Abel Santamaría” airport in the Cuban city of Santa Clara in the center of the island announced this week the schedule of flights to and from its terminal for the current month. The number of routes from the north of the continent, Canada and the USA are the main ones. We say below.

As of this report, we have started flights from Canada. Sunwing It is a highly connected company and maintains 8 weekly operations. For example, Tuesday 1 operation from Toronto, Wednesday 1 operation from Toronto, Thursday 2 operations from Montreal and Toronto. Two operations from Toronto and Montreal on Friday and Saturday from Toronto. Sunday, one from Toronto.

Aviation, The other Canadian company covering this route with two flights per week. Wednesday 1 The origin and destination of Operation Toronto. An action that begins in Montreal on Sundays. Canadian tourists are taking over hotels in the northern Keys of Villa Clara, although links have dwindled considerably with tourism’s “low” arrivals.

But there are more regional flights from Mexico and Panama. Airline Live Aerobus It will be maintained with a weekly operation, with origin and destination in Cancun every Wednesday in May. when Copa AirlinesContinues in May with a bi-weekly frequency of Tuesdays and Thursdays from Panama’s capital.

Additional flights from Santa Clara Airport

Finally, from the United States, a high flight activity is maintained, with two daily flights from the commercial airline American Airlines, always from Miami Airport. At the same time Charters They operate from Miami and Tampa with 14 surgeries per week.

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Originating and destination Miami by 1 operation on Tuesdays. Wednesday: 1 Activity Origin and destination of Miami. Thursday: 3 operations, one operation with origin and destination Miami United States, one operation with Tampa and destination Miami, one operation with origin Miami and destination Tampa. Friday: 3 activities with origin and destination in Miami. Saturday, origin and destination Miami. Origin and destination Miami with 5 activities 3 activities on Sunday. An operation moved from Tampa to Miami. An operation with Miami and destination Tampa.