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Alex Saab, Nicolas Maduro’s leading man handed over to US Univision Latin America News

The news was confirmed by a US official A.P., Cape Verdean Government Sources EFE And to the Sub Security Committee chain CNN. It was also confirmed to Unvision Investigation by a US consortium.

The businessman was in Cape Verde The course has been requested since June 2020 Financial fraud. He left the country on a flight to the United States this Saturday.

The handover ends A long judicial journey that lasted more than a year, The businessman was arrested on June 12, 2020 and his plane was stopped to refuel at Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island. He was on his way to Iran Nicolas Maduro’s government is described as a diplomatic humanitarian mission.

Arrest responded A US petition sent by InterpolChapin’s defense, however, alleges that the warning was issued after his arrest and therefore appealed against the arresting constitution. Cape Verdean Justice disagreed with them.

Alex Chop: A global network of money laundering, bribery and shell companies

Federal prosecutors in Miami filed charges against Chap in 2019 Money laundering is associated with a bribery scheme The company said it had raised more than $ 350 million from the Venezuelan government’s low-income housing program A.P..

Alex Chop handover: Maduro considers it “kidnapping”

The Venezuelan government on Saturday handed over the soup to the United States, condemning the US abduction of one of its ambassadors.

Savista administration He accused Cape Verde of violating the laws and dismissed what he considered to be a “human rights violation” by Chapin, he insisted. Invested as a diplomat And the representative of our country to the world. “

In that sense, he referred to the move Affects the development of negotiations between the government and the opposition in Mexico They recalled that Saab was appointed as the representative of the official delegation in the talks which started on August 13 last.

Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, Revealed his rejection of the handover on Twitter, in response to the release of Colombian President Evan Duke, in which the president celebrates the news.

Venezuela has protested the arrest of Alex Chop

After his arrest in Cape Verde, the Venezuelan government promised that the businessman was a Venezuelan citizen and an “agent” of the government who was “in traffic” in Cape Verde, which was maintained by his lawyers. “As a special envoy from Venezuela he had the right to personal infringement.”

The name of the 49-year-old businessman has surfaced in the media, with former Venezuelan lawyer Louisa Ortega Diaz accusing him in 2017 Leaders of the Venezuelan President.

சாப், Born in the Colombian city of Barranquilla and of Lebanese descent, he is associated with a number of companies, including the accused Group Grand Limited (GGL). Offer food and groceries with premium To the administration of Nicolas Maduro.