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Alessandra Rosaldo defends her father after he was accused of sexual harassment

Alessandra Rosaldo defends her father after he was accused of sexual harassment

Alessandra Rosaldo / Agency Mexico (Mexico Agency)

Alessandra Rolzado and Eugenio Derbez have publicly responded to the complaint filed by actress Eileen Harrow last November, against a person close to her staff for harassment and intimidation.

Although the young woman who became famous for her participation in the series “Ellas Soy Yo” did not reveal the name of her attacker, it later became clear that the person who was identified was none other than Jaime Sanchez Rosaldo, Alessandra’s father and father. Eugene Law.

During the red carpet for the series “On a Trip with the Derbez,” the couple did not remain silent, and at first Alessandra came out in defense of the man who sacrificed her life in front of the media.

“My sisters and I are 100% with my parents, and the only thing I can tell you is that I feel like this is coming from people who just want attention. Now I don’t want to talk to you about anything completely specific because I’d rather wait, but “Very soon we will have something to say.”

The 52-year-old artist also confirmed that these accusations against her father are tantamount to defamation. “Always against lies, but that’s why we’re waiting, and well, the love of our family and our daughters for mom and dad is still intact.”

And whether this problem affects him on a daily basis, he admitted: “I’m telling you, I’m fine. I mean, of course it’s not cool that they talk about your father, or your mother, or anyone else, but somehow I got used to it, I mean, things were always said about family, or that if Eugenio and I were separated, or that if it was Vader, “They were always saying things to each other. It doesn’t surprise me. It’s nothing new. He’s not the first person to try to take advantage of the family.”

Alessandra Rosaldo with Father Jaime Rosaldo / Courtesy

Alessandra Rosaldo with Father Jaime Rosaldo / Courtesy (Mexico Agency)

For his part, Eugenio Derbez preferred to be more stringent in dealing with the strong accusations facing his father-in-law and simply said: “Firstly, this is not my topic… and secondly, I do not want to make propaganda for the people, but no, they just want to make noise where nothing”.

It is worth noting that before these statements, Jaime Sánchez Rosaldo denied harassing Elin and asked to clarify the type of alleged harassment he committed against the actress.

Alessandra Rosaldo with Eugenio Derbez / Agency Mexico

Alessandra Rosaldo with Eugenio Derbez / Agency Mexico (Mexico Agency)

“I don’t know what happened to her. The truth is that I don’t know yet what is going on in this girl and her mother’s head, especially her mother, because unfortunately the girl has no judgment. The one who does all the talking is the mother (…) It is very dangerous for her, because I don’t I’m having any problem. Threatening what? I’m telling you, I haven’t even talked to her. Harassment like who? What kind? Work, sexual. I’m 81 years old, imagine me molesting a 20 year old. I’m telling you I’ve never seen her again, “I haven’t seen her because you can’t talk to her and her mother.”

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