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According to witnesses, Alex Sapp conducted millions of dollars in illegal transactions under the control of the DEA. Nicolás Maduro appears to be involved in a disclosure complaint

A federal court in the Southern District of Florida in the United States is currently trying to prove that Alex Sapp has diplomatic status as a representative of the Venezuelan regime. however, Joshua Goodman, agency journalist PAThe man from Barranquilla provided new details involving the businessman since witnesses appeared to have made four million dollars in transfers between 2018 and 2019 with illegal money. Through Nicolás Maduro’s contracts.

In that spirit, US judges were able to conclude that the transactions were made to bank accounts controlled by the DEA.

In fact, the exact dates and prevailing amounts were disclosed. First, on August 9, 2018, for $3,255.59; Second, September 24, 2018, $3,313,757; Third, November 1, 2018, $3,138,844. Finally, the fourth date is February 5, 2019 for $2,942,501, Goodman says.

Additionally, The transfers will be related to the Saab agreements, which Nicolás Maduro’s predecessor appointed, which will be delivered to the North American justice system. In addition, it is not ruled out that money laundering will appear.

These dates coincide with the moments when the Colombian businessman met with the DEA. It should be noted that on Tuesday, December 20, a federal judge in South Florida questioned why an ally of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro should accept his request for diplomatic immunity. If the United States did not recognize the legitimacy of the government he allegedly represented when he was arrested.

After a nearly two-hour hearing in federal courts in downtown Miami, Judge Robert Scola is expected to rule next week on a request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Alex Chapp, a Colombian businessman considered a Maduro figure.

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“The US does not recognize the Maduro regime as the legitimate government of Venezuela”Scola immediately asked why Chapin’s presumed diplomatic immunity should be verified. Scola said that because the government is not recognized by Washington, there are no documents it publishes or its decisions.

Saab is accused of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars he received in bribes to Venezuelan officials in exchange for contracts to build affordable housing. Nearly $350 million in these corrupt businesses were siphoned out of Venezuela and routed through the United States., according to the charges. Sapp faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

The businessman was deported two years ago and later argued that he could not face charges in the United States because he had diplomatic immunity. At the time of his arrest.

Saab has pleaded not guilty and says he was on a humanitarian mission en route to Iran when his plane stopped in Cape Verde to refuel. His defense has demanded his immediate release, claiming he was illegally “kidnapped” while traveling from Venezuela to Iran as a diplomatic mission.

By his words, the judge appeared to be close to the prosecution’s position, which refused to recognize Saab’s alleged diplomatic immunity throughout the judicial process.

At the hearing, Saab appeared calm, sitting with a team of more than five lawyers. He arrived handcuffed and with ankle shackles, but later, at the request of his defense, the judge agreed to remove the handcuffs.

* With information from AP.