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A young man who won more than 50 times in the lottery reveals his trick

A young man who won more than 50 times in the lottery reveals his trick

the key of success? Paulinha Leite, the young Brazilian woman who has won the lottery more than 50 times, revealed the secret formula for success in the world of betting: pay attention to the numbers and follow the statistics.

In Brazil, the Mega da Ferrada draw is ready to be played, which will be held on December 31. Many fans of games of chance and chance are looking forward to participating in this event, which has an estimated cumulative total of R$ 550 million.

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, this amount will be the highest in the history of that lottery, and to help those waiting, a young woman revealed the secret formula that won her more than 50 times.

Who is the young woman who has won more than 50 times?

Paulinha Leite was born in Roraima, a Brazilian state located in the far north of the country. Since he was young, he has always had a passion for numbers, even his favorite class was mathematics, according to the aforementioned media outlets.

When he grew up, he decided to fulfill his dream and his love for characters: he started betting regularly and opened a company focused on jackpots. In her words, the key is “playing to win.”

the key of success? These are the methods I use to win

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The Brazilian is clear about two things to win: paying attention to numbers and keeping track of statistics.

“A person has to play believing that he can. You have to play to win. A lot of people come to me and say: ‘Wow, I wanted to win the lottery just like you, but I never play because I don’t believe in it,'” Light told O Globo. “.

He stressed that paying attention to important dates such as birthdays, phone numbers and addresses can be a good strategy, because people tend to choose “meaningless” numbers on some occasions.

“I’ve been doing this and it’s worked for a long time,” the Brazilian said.

The young woman has matched several numbers in Mega Da Virada, which is why many draw followers want to put her formulas into practice.

Due to his experience in the world of betting and his passion for mathematics, he knows that everything is a relative analysis and that statistics show different numbers. According to her, it is time to learn about the numbers that are repeated and the combinations that may arise.

“It’s just statistics, at the end of the day any number can appear, but there are numbers that appear more often. I think this is very relative, because a number that never appeared could simply appear now, on the 31st,” he said.

Other betting history

Paulinha Leite’s story joins other shared experiences about people who have succeeded in betting. For example, the case of Stefan Mandel, a Romanian man, who attracted the attention of the authorities and the media for his unusual strategy of winning the lottery 14 times.

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The man’s style defied the odds. Together with friends, the economist devised a formula that consisted of buying tickets in combinations he offered himself and investing the optimal amount to find the winner.

Despite his success, his strategy was exposed by the CIA and FBI and Mandel ended up posting bail.