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A video shows Cubans collecting tomato paste from the street

A video shows Cubans collecting tomato paste from the street

In the past few hours, a disturbing video clip has spread on social networks, revealing an unfortunate scene that occurred at the intersection of General Lacrete and Juan Bruno Zayas Streets, in the Santos Suarez neighborhood, in the municipality of Diez de October.

The images captured in the aforementioned video show a number of desperate people approaching the ground, carrying plastic bags, trying to collect the spilled tomato paste. It is an act that reflects the deep needs and shortages that Cubans are experiencing in these difficult times.

The spread of this scene sparked a large number of comments and discussions in the forums where it was circulated, which confirms the increasing anxiety and suffering of society in the face of the difficult situation it is experiencing.

Similar scenes

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Cubans have been forced to perform desperate acts due to shortages of food and basic products.

In September last year, in the municipality of San Miguel del Padron, in Havana, another group of people found themselves in a similar situation when they tried to retrieve broken eggs that had fallen from a truck. Also in October 2020, on a street near Obispo Avenue, in Old Havana, a similar incident occurred when Cubans were forced to collect the remains of a tank of liquid detergent spilled from a truck.

These events are a painful reflection of the difficult economic reality facing Cuba, which is exacerbated by the persistent shortages of food and basic products affecting the population.