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A powerful hurricane hits Los Arabos in Matanzas

A powerful hurricane hits Los Arabos in Matanzas

This morning, around 10:43 a.m., a tornado hit the city of Los Arabos, in Matanzas Province, due to a frontal area of ​​unstable weather. So far, no deaths have been reported due to this phenomenon.

The origin of the weather event is due to an active line of storms associated with the aforementioned frontal region, which crossed the west of the country and generated isolated, highly dangerous events. Reports from Pinar del Rio indicate heavy rain, strong winds and hail, while gusty winds reaching a maximum speed of 92 km/h were recorded in Havana.

At approximately 10:40 a.m., the tornado struck the municipality of Los Arabos, where damage assessment is still being assessed. Pictures shared by users on social media reveal severe damage to homes and power lines in the area.

Raul Hernandez Soriano, from the Matanzas Province Meteorological Center, indicated that the phenomenon is linked to a line of frontal storms that crossed the province and quickly moved eastward.

Additionally, the Matanzas Center's Telegram channel reports that the frontal bands could bring locally heavy rain, strong linear winds and the possibility of hail or tornadoes, like the one that affected Los Arabos today.

Local authorities continue to assess the damage and take the necessary measures to restore the affected area.

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