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A new app that helps you save your COVID-19 vaccination certificate

A new app that helps you save your COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Mexico City /

In recent days rely on Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 It has become a key for many citizens, especially for those who plan to do so A trip to another country where a full scheme is required vaccination.

Given this, Mexican programmer Daniel Tello developed an app This allows you Store your COVID-19 vaccination certificate digitally, It must be remembered that this document can only be obtained through The official website of the Ministry of Health through The WhatsApp.

However, this has changed with the new application, although it is worth noting that this only available At the moment for the following devices: iPhone o iPad y Apple Watch.

How do you get and save your COVID-19 vaccination certificate in the new app?

The first thing you should do is provide your personal information to Vacúnate Wallet; There you will be asked your nameAnd nicknameAnd corp And Scan the QR code of your certificate, as well as the dates on which the doses were applied to you.

accordingly, Your COVID-19 vaccination certificate will be stored in your mobile device wallet, where you can have your vaccination certificate at hand without the need for external applications, PDF readers or printouts.

You are Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 It will contain the following information: your full name, CURP, and a QR code where people can access more information about your vaccine.

Is the app safe?

The app itself states that it is completely safe: “When you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a unique transaction code, so your card number is never shared with companies or stored on Apple servers. And for your security to be complete, it is not necessary to carry your physical cards Or touch buttons in stores. ‘,” the app explains, noting the fact that a vaccination certificate has the same security standards as if it were using a credit card on your cell phone.

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