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A heat wave makes a church appear in Ketchula, Chiapas

A heat wave makes a church appear in Ketchula, Chiapas

a colonial church which was immersed in the waters of a reservoir in southern Mexico Completely dehydrated and the high temperatures that plagued the country.

It is located at about a Dominican temple from the 16th century located in town the kichulain state Chiapas.

Dominican Order He arrived in New Spain with one mission: “to colonize the souls of the original settlers of the New World”. With this premise, the Priests of the Order of Santo Domingo Came to me America in the sixteenth centuryand spread throughout present-day Mexican territory.

The building was almost completely submerged when it was built plug in Grijalva River; since then , Tourists came by boat to visit.

“The temple was abandoned between 1773 and 1776, due to epidemics that affected the local communities in the area, which today are inhabited by Zuk Indians.”

This was the explanation that was at the time Architect Carlos Navarrete She was shown to El País on a subject that still causes great curiosity among those who know about it the existence of the temple.

On this occasion marked absence of rain and the high temperatures It made it possible for the building to appear and survive fully exposed; That is why now dozens of visitors They come to their car doors And Motorcycles.

“Very nice, impressive to see after so many years that the chapel is still there.”

These were the words uttered by José Eduardo Zea France Press agencya visitor who came on a motorbike to see the temple with a friend.

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he lower dam level It begins to affect the fishermen in the area, who also get involved Tilapia fish farming.

“Five months ago, the water began to decrease more or less, and indeed it was already above normal.”

It was the story of Darinel Gutierrez, Local fisherman; “How do I provide for my family? Right now I have nothing,” was something he thought of at this difficult time he was going through. Southeast Mexican.

When it rains until the hills collapsebut nothing now, ”said Dagoberto Gomez, who is also dedicated to Tilapia breeding.

Heatwave damage in Mexico?

the Heat wave hits Mexico not limited to Chiapas state; In other parts of the country, eg Yucatan (in the south) and The new lion (In the north) temperatures above 40°C were recorded.

In the city center Mexico CityThe country’s political capital, where the climate is milder, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees last week.