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A Cuban doctor sent by the regime to Mexico commits medical negligence

A Cuban doctor sent by the regime to Mexico commits medical negligence

A Mexican woman identified as Anayeni Rodríguez was subjected to medical neglect at the hands of a Cuban doctor Which operates in this country thanks to the Havana Agreement with Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). In response to the publication of this issue, Miguel Díaz-Canel came out in defense of what he usually calls the “army of the white coats” and said that the United States was “trying to discredit their efforts”.

According to a report from Latina Mexican outlet based in the US, Nine out of ten cases of medical negligence in Mexico are not reported, Therefore, most of these bad practices go unpunished, according to health professionals. The victim in this case, Anayeni Rodríguez, underwent surgery at Calpulalpan General Hospital, in Tlaxcala, which belongs to the IMSS-Bienestar system (a public program that provides free medication and medical care to people without social security). there was A victim of medical negligence by a Cuban specialist who placed “twisted wires” and screws in her arm, causing her pain and inflammation.

Due to health problems caused by malpractice, Rodriguez had to borrow 85,000 pesos for treatment in a private hospital thus saving his arm. He is now waiting to recover this money through the reconciliation process.

The specialist involved in this negligence is part of the group of doctors and nurses from Cuba who arrived in Mexico Thanks to the management of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This collection represents to the federal government and to the government of Mexico City an expenditure of over 150 million pesos (nearly nine million dollars).

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Latin He explained that Rodriguez informed the Cuban doctor of the symptoms that appeared on him after the operation. In response, the Cuban woman denied the existence of any problem and confirmed that the patient’s discomfort was psychological. “Your operation is well done. I put two wires together with two screws. I put two wires twisted well.”Galina de la Isla said to Rodriguez, according to testimony given by the latter.

After the surgery, Rodriguez went back to the hospital three times due to complications in his arm. No one listened to their claims or accepted that they had acted negligently. The patient was diabetic, and she was afraid of losing her already injured right arm, so she decided to see a private doctor. This other specialist was amazed to see the work done by the Cuban doctor and again intervened in Rodriguez’s case.

This Mexican has filed a complaint with the Tlaxcala Medical Arbitration Commission. He now hopes that, through a settlement, he can recover the money he paid to mitigate the inappropriate treatment he suffered. Rodriguez stresses that the Cuban doctor was not subject to sanctions for what she did, nor did she receive an economic decision in her favor.

The presence of Cuban doctors has been promoted by the government of Mexico as a support for the government’s health systems and federalism. However, he pointed out latino, Their participation in hospitals and clinics do not have clear criteria for their evaluation.

An official from the Ministry of Health in Tlaxcala told the aforementioned outlet (on condition of anonymity): “Their (Cuban doctors’) strategy for this program that they’re coming through, is more focused on numbers. More focused on productivity, maybe seeing 20 patients a day. But the quality and attention they give them is not the same because everything is rushed.

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Meanwhile, Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Monday at Twitter That “the international cooperation offered by Cuba continues to evolve as a symbolic feature of foreign policy.” The Cuban ruler spoke about the issue one day after the Rodriguez case was made public.

For Diaz-Canel, this situation, like most of the problems created by his government, is linked to the United States. “It is a legitimate and altruistic activity, which we continue despite the dirty campaign of the United States to try to discredit this effort and Hundreds of thousands of people in the world are deprived of quality medical services provided by Cuban professionals”, added the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Twitter.

According to what was reported in the Official Gazette GranmaAndThe regime’s Minister of External Relations, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, went further and said that “the United States government has launched a call to allocate the millionaire’s money to promote a campaign against Cuban medical cooperation.”

“Without arguments,” continued Rodriguez Parrilla, the US appeals Once again to discredit the noble humanitarian and solidarity work that Cuba is doing to support the health of other peoples. It is absolutely legitimate for Cuba and other countries in the world to implement cooperation programs to care for and protect the health of their populations. Health is a basic human right and the United States is committing a crime by trying to deny or impede it for political reasons.”

In the middle of last April, some The authorities of the state of Morelos refused 20 Cuban doctors who had been issued by the Havana regime to Mexicodue to the lack of approved documents To prove that they possess the required disciplines.

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