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3 photos of Galilea Montijo in a bikini that will take your breath away

3 photos of Galilea Montijo in a bikini that will take your breath away

There is no doubt about that Galilea Montijo is one of the most beloved hosts and actresses on Mexican television.. She participated in various series, but her greatest success was achieved as a presenter in magazines. For example Se Vale and Hoy. At 49 years old Maintains an amazing personality And the photos he is proud of on his Instagram account are proof of that.

The artist from Guadalajara began her artistic career in the mid-nineties, in various programs and in telenovelas. His charisma, sense of humor and experience Make it one of the crowd favorites in Mexico.

But besides his talent and personality, The enviable character of Galilea Montague It is another characteristic of the Hoy host. For this, We show you three of her bikini pics that will make you take your breath away.

At the age of forty-nine, Galilea maintains an amazing figure
Photo: IG Galilea Montejo

It’s an Instagram favourite

Galilea Montejo made her Telenovela debut with “El Premio Mayor” And he was in various melodramas like “The Hidden Truth”, “Your Love Is My Sin” or “Till Money Do Us Part”, among others. She was solidifying her role as an actress, however She gained fame and affection with her work as the host of the magazine programs Se Vale and Hoy.

It is one of the darlings of the day
Photo: IG Galilea Montejo

On her Instagram account, she has more than 10 million followers who fill her with likes and flattering comments every time she uploads a photo.

Pictures of her in a swimsuit are the ones that receive the most interactions
Photo: IG Galilea Montejo

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