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123 new graduates in the Faculty of Exact Sciences

123 new graduates in the Faculty of Exact Sciences

Saturday, December 2, 2023


The Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences -FACEN- of UNCA held a graduation ceremony in which 123 graduates of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses received their diplomas. This is the third university clustering implemented by FACEN in 2023, with a total of 261 undergraduate graduates and 13 graduate students.

On this occasion, besides the Dean of FACEN, Beatriz Lopez, were the Dean of UNCA, Oscar Arellano; Vice-Rector, Elena Silveira de Poinader; Vice Dean Ariadna Hamann and other university officials.

In her speech to the graduates, Ms. Lopez stated that the titles obtained by the new professionals “are more than just an award, they represent the success resulting from walking a path traveled with effort, perseverance, determination and strength accompanied by the graduates.” Family, teachers and colleagues.”

He stated that it is “a milestone on the path of their lives” and represents “the most important work in our kingdom because harmony and completeness come together in achieving one of the basic purposes for which it was created: displaying the professionals in it to the community.”

“You are graduates of 40 years of democracy in our country, proudly displaying the legacy of university traditions: free access to universities, free access and independence”; “In addition, they have a commitment to preserving the democracy of our society,” he reminded them.

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