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11 exemplary from Guard1anes 2021

11 exemplary from Guard1anes 2021

After completing the regular phase of the tournament, we present to you the best players for 17 days

After the regular stage of Guard1anes 2021 ended, different players with good performances became the champions of this tournament, which is why ESPN Digital presents the tournament’s top 11 items.

A goal keeper

In one of the most closed centers to choose from next to the premium tournament Crown of Jesus With Cruz Azul, the Paraguay goalkeeper from Puebla has positioned himself as one of the tournament’s best goalkeepers only in his first year in Mexican football.

The 37-year-old goalkeeper was a staple of Nicholas Larkamon team to take the top spots in the classification, in addition to having the highest number of saves in shots received at 30.6122%.


For the second tournament in a row, Cruz Azul’s right-back remained the sector’s best pass in the Mexican championship, currently on the defensive side is a key part of Juan Reynoso’s scheme, to be one of the teams with the fewest goals. He won this tournament.

As if that weren’t enough, defensive performance in Paraguay became a more recent component of this tournament, adding a total of two goals, equivalent to the mark set last semester.

The veteran Chilean defender became the benchmark for Raidos’ defense due to the lack of experience elements in the lower half, which is why, with the arrival of Javier Aguirre, the former Morelia defender has been an essential piece to keep Monterrey as a third. The team has the best defense in the current tournament with only 13 goals against it.

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The Brazilian central defender scores one of his best tournaments since his arrival in Mexican football, and is currently second in the event calendar as a defender, standing out in blocks, robberies and predictions, which is why he is one of the benchmarks with Guillermo Almada being led by Santos to maintain fourth place with the best defense in The tournament.

In an area where there are few outstanding defenders, the Brazilian defender from Toluca has positioned himself as one of the best performers in the left sector throughout the tournament, because in addition to his work on the defensive side, he has become the element that contributes to the crimson square attack, by adding two passes and a goal in This tournament.


The Cruz Azul midfielder could not only take the position as one of the perfect elements of the eleven, because given his good performance he could undoubtedly be in combat as one of the best players in the tournament, as he adds in this tournament a total of five assists and annotations, becoming One of the guides for the Juan Reynoso Preservation of the Celestial Machine is in first place in the competition.

With the revelation of Puebla in this tournament, the Colombian became one of the best players in midfield after his significant contribution to Nicholas Larkamon’s team attack, in which in this tournament he had a total of five assists, becoming the second best assistant. In the tournament.

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Due to his great mobility and versatility in the Juan Reynoso team, Cruz Azul midfielder has become a highlight of the current Guard1anes, having scored a total of three assists and a goal this semester, establishing himself as a celestial group references.

The attackers

The current top scorer for the Mexican championship, he once again ranked first in eleven of the best players in the current tournament, having reached 11 comments throughout the semester, despite Toluca’s weakness, the Argentine striker emerged as the tournament’s most important soccer player. The establishment of the Red Devils.

The Puebla striker maintained the level he showed in the previous tournament, so for the time being he remains Guard1anes 2021 in the scoring table as the best Mexican striker with nine goals, with his good performance confirming that he is living a great moment with Camotero. Not just because of a hotline.

Capecita remains at the top of the scoring table for the second consecutive tournament, becoming the top scorer in the last two tournaments, which is why despite a tough start to the tournament due to off-field problems, the Uruguayan responded with a brilliant way as they became the main personal goals of Juan Renoso’s side.