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Young Miko left the girls of Bogotá “Encholas”

Young Miko left the girls of Bogotá “Encholas”

Bogota. – Puerto Rican Young Mikuthe new trap and reggaeton sensation, temporarily left Carol J’s US tour to debut in Colombia with three concerts that ended in Bogotá, where he “connected” all the “girls” in a short but intense concert.

The party started without fear and with energy dominating Chamaru City Hall in the capital, Bogotá, with “Botero” followed by “Big Booty” and “Bestie”, with the crowd’s frenzied cheers composed almost everywhere. slim.

In fact, he was greeted by women, draped in gay flags, with banners saying “Because of you I’m bi”, “Miko, if you want, send a pin and we’ll do the round” or “This booty of yours is what you want”. It motivates me,” he said, echoing one of his early successes.

And the 21-year-old accompanied the excitement she knows to excite, as she played herself by taking off her shirt in exchange for screams, while the audience threw hats, flowers and other items of clothing at her on stage.

But the pavilion just lit up when the Puerto Rican debuted one of her latest songs, “Dispo,” which she sings with Carol G, whom she already considers her friend after having sung with her — and carried on — at her recent shows. in the united states. In fact, before the concert, he confirmed that he had made a video call with her, in which Baeza assured him that “the crowd in Bogota is very special.”

And he was ecstatic when he began singing “I Speak Clearly, I Got a Problem, That I Get To Girls So Fast”, the first verses of “Lisa”, one of his greatest hits singles.

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Her career has been shaped by collaborations with great references in the urban genre like Árcangel and Yandel, and with fellow Puerto Ricans like Villano Antillano, with whom she shares a firm commitment to the LGBTI+ community.

The international leap came precisely at the hands of Colombians, Fede and Carol G, who sang some of her greatest hits with her. His triumph is due in large part to the millions of views and videos his songs collect on platforms like TikTok.

It was precisely with “Classy 101,” a collaboration with Feid, that he ended the party with that brought him to another great Mecca of reggaeton and where he’ll most likely return soon with “It’s Young Miko prrr.”

To wrap up her time in Colombia, which also took her to Cali and Barranquilla, Young Miko went somewhat husky out to take pictures and talk to all her fans, who didn’t hesitate to show the love that Colombia has for Puerto Rico. Rikani.