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Young Classic: Cruz Azul and America, the duel that moves social networks

Young Classic: Cruz Azul and America, the duel that moves social networks

Passion that unleashes Classic Young Enter blue cross And America It is not only lived on the field or in the history that this game has shaped over the years. currently, The competition has spread to other sectors Where fans also move, As with social networks This is the place Celestes and Aguilas play their game too.

Although the passion is expected to be present on the green lawn next Sunday in search of victory and 3 points are of paramount importance for both tablesOn social media Machine and the the Eagles They are the teams that dominate in many aspects, according to statistics.

2021 was a good year for him blue crossSince then in sports They were able to break their streak of defeats in terms of titles.And in networks, Celestes rules Facebook by being the hero in interactions With Just over 27.7 millionIn addition to having the best overall reaction rate MX . League by 0.262 percent, Based on stats provided by CrowdTangle, a tool Facebook social networking site which facilitate monitoring, analysis and information on what is happening with public content on social media.

This is how Celestes and Águilas spread on social networks

at the same Facebook social networking site, The Águilas is the second team in interactions With 27.5 million, The following are other institutions such as chivasAnd tigers And Planned with 13.86 million, 12.65 million and 7.55 million, respectively.

regarding InstagramIn the year America Is it Win 51.25 Million Reactions, in second place is Cruz Azul at 28.09 million, then comes chivasAnd Pumas And tigers With 23.6 million, 11.78 million and 11.48 million.

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In the Instagram interaction ratego machine Above the entire Liga MX by 2.329%, and here the second place is not from America, but who Puebla By 1893 percent and beyond tigers by 1.813 percent.

employment TwitterAnd blue cross And America They also lead in various departments, not just between MX . League, in addition to They have good numbers compared to teams from South America.

classic youth

blue cross And America Saturday’s showdown in Classic Young, a duel that moves a lot in Mexico City; over there the Eagles They no longer lose the lead, but They recover a bit after losing Concachampions with Rayados, The Machine is seeking the first 4 of Apertura 2021.