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You can now speed up voice messages on WhatsApp

You can now speed up voice messages on WhatsApp

I am not a fan of endless voice messages The WhatsApp? This might be great news for you. From now on, the chat app will allow you to speed up the voice messages that other contacts send you.

A few days ago, WhatsApp released this new functionality to users who are registered in the platform’s beta program. Now, thanks to a recent update, the tool should start to become available on all devices.

As usual, it will land gradually, so it’s very likely that it won’t appear on all devices yet.

How it works?

If you click the play button for sound, an icon will be displayed indicating how quickly it will be heard. That’s why there are three available: 1x, 1.5x and 2x.

If you do this once, the file will start playing at 1.5x speed, and if you press again, it will play twice as fast.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that the next time you open an audio file in the app, WhatsApp will keep the last speed you used by default. Could this be one of the best features that WhatsApp launched in recent times?

Finally, the company also announced that it will allow you to listen to the audio messages that you have recorded before sending them. Hence, if you are not quite sure or satisfied, you can delete it before it is too late. How many arguments and bad times could have avoided with this job long ago?

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