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What does a Neo QLED 8K TV mean?

What does a Neo QLED 8K TV mean?

Samsung introduced its latest line of smart TVs in Colombia, enhanced by artificial intelligence. (Samsung)

Samsung Made a TV series with meartificial intelligence New QLED 8K, 4K, QLED 4K and Strip Speakers.

According to the company, TVs with the technology New QLED 8K TVAvailable from 65 to 85, it is powered by the latest 8K Neural Processor which, according to it, has gone from merging 20 neural networks to 60, to enjoy a perfectly sharp picture, with a high-resolution panel and Samsung’s patented algorithm that drives the new HDR remastering, enabling Creates picture quality that rivals reality.

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As for the AI, it analyzes and applies high dynamic range effects in real time, pixel by pixel, making that content brighter and more vibrant.

In addition, they explained that artificial intelligence allows the TV to improve the picture it displays in 8K quality in the case of New Colideregardless of the original resolution, thanks to the scaling function.

The leader in the range New QLED 8K TV Samsung is the reference QN800C which has outstanding image quality thanks to Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which regulates the illumination thanks to thousands of tiny LEDs that improve black level and contrast.

These televisions are designed to fit into people’s lifestyles. (Samsung)

create a file a screen Slim Neo is designed to be sleek in design. It has a screen ratio of 99%, which allows the TV to be integrated into any space. Plus, 90-watt speakers with Dolby Atmos technology create surround sound, putting the viewer at the center of the scene.

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Regarding the QN95C, it is Samsung’s 4K TV with the highest picture quality. for him technology Neo Quantum HDR+ enables superior brightness and 100% color volume reproduction, enabling all colors to be displayed on the panel as if they were real. Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro function allows you to take your gaming experience to a higher level, with 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, to feel every movement in the game with amazing smoothness.

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In this sense, the company highlights that New QLED 2023 It provides multi-screen functionality so that users can enjoy up to four contents simultaneously with clearer picture quality and a higher level of detail. In this way, users will be able to watch a sports broadcast while checking their favorite team’s rating on a website or enjoy two matches at the same time, one from their TV signal and the other from social networks. Thus, while watching the game, you can make a group video call.

An illustration to show the importance of sustainability and the responsibility companies have in protecting the planet. (photo: Freepik)

in the middle of th pollution Which generates a new creation and/or building techniques Samsung says to certify its commitment to being more continuous. The company notes that it is currently working to create life-cycle products that have a lower environmental impact; An example of this is the environmentally friendly remote control with third-generation solar cells, which requires no batteries and charges using 2.4GHz radio frequency harvesting technology.

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As shown, this innovation takes advantage of the signals emitted by WiFi routers, reducing the need for disposable batteries. Several 2023 Neo QLED TVs have received the Carbon Trust’s “CO2 Reduction” certification, a mark awarded to a product with its “carbon footprint”. carbon It has been lowered year after year.”

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In addition, users can monitor and control their consumption of energy and your consumption patterns through SmartThings and through the AI ​​power saving mode function, which can be activated from your phone or TV.