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Walmart is installing a remote and installment payment tool

Walmart is installing a remote and installment payment tool

Many retail stores in the United States, such as Walmart, have self-checkout facilities. This option has advantages, because it allows you to speed up purchases, but it also carries risks because it is vulnerable to fraud.

Walmart wants to improve its services and to achieve this goal, it has created an alternative called “Buy Now Pay Later with Confirm”. This is a financing method for bank cards and items paid with credit.

With Affirm, purchases are made through the virtual site and you have the advantage of offering payment terms in 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. Because of this facility, Walmart has agreed with Affirm that customers can purchase from the comfort of their homes.

CPurchases by confirmation

To make a purchase, users must scan the product in store through the self-checkout tool. The confirmation variant is then chosen to pay for the item in a given period.

It is important that Americans provide their Social Security Number (SSN) to make payments with Affirm. Walmart has self-checkout points in more than 4,000 markets in the country.

From now on, Americans have the opportunity to purchase electronic equipment, clothing, gaming gear, and other goods through these digital means. Walmart managers explain that it is not possible to purchase food items with this procedure.

Authorities add that the amounts of money to be paid should range from US$144.00 to US$4,000.00. A study conducted by Affirm showed that 54% of citizens prefer stores where you can buy first and pay later.

Pat Soh, Affirm's vice president of revenue, reports that 76% of people don't want to make purchases without this payment method. Those interested will be able to access the initiative in physical facilities, on Walmart.com and its app, as well as in Walmart Vision and Auto Centers.

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