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VIDEOS: Captan el paso y la explosión de una bola de fuego sobre el cielo nocturno de Florida y las Bahamas

Videos: Capture the passage and explosion of a fireball over a Florida and Bahamas night sky


April 13, 2021, 23:02 GMT

Some experts confirm that it could be the asteroid ‘2021 GW4’, which has a height of only about four meters, which was expected to pass about 20 thousand kilometers from Earth on Monday.

On Tuesday, hundreds of people watched the pass and the subsequent explosion of a fireball that lit up the skies of Florida (USA) and the Bahamas at night. Surprised by the phenomenon and witnesses They sent Over 200 reports and nine videos of the American Meteor Society, which recorded the event as “Event 2281-2021”.

It was beautiful and big, like a huge ball of fire Slide down Then it explodes and disappears, “according to one witness.” At first I thought I saw Plane crashAnother commented on that, because of the bright color of the fire, the smoke trail and fragmentation, and because we have a lot of aircraft in the area, whether civil or commercial. “

For now, it has not been determined how fast the fireball was traveling through the atmosphere, nor at what altitude it was visible. The experts They confirm That it could be the asteroid ‘2021 GW4’, about four meters high, which is estimated to pass on Monday at a distance of nearly 20,000 km, relatively close to Earth. In any case, it turns out, even in the case of approaching Not dangerous For a planet, an asteroid of this size burns and disintegrates as it enters the atmosphere.

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On their part, others I assume That the engraved object could be a simple piece of 2021 GW4 or even an ordinary fireball disintegrating into pieces, as happens with most celestial bodies.