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Twitter blocked the account that was tracking Elon Musk's private jet

Twitter blocked the account that was tracking Elon Musk’s private jet

Twitter blocked the account that tracked Elon Musk’s plane despite the fact that the businessman confirmed that he would not do so (Reuters)

Twitternow in the hands of Elon MuskI decided to suspend this Wednesday to the account Elon Jettthat tracked the movements of the businessman’s plane. This decision surprised netizens and the owner of the profile alike, since Musk made it clear on November 7 It will not terminate the user As part of his initiative to freedom of expression And despite the fact that the information published there led to an “immediate danger to his personal security.”

Elon Musk's tweet confirming that he will not delete the account
Elon Musk’s tweet confirming that he will not delete the account

“Well, looks like @ElonJet is suspended,” its creator wrote. Jack Sweeney On his personal account @JxckSweeney, where he in turn announced that he was switching to the Mastodon platform, similar to the Little Bird platform, although without the 500,000 followers he achieved there. “He says there is freedom of expression, but he does the opposite.”He added in statements to the news agency Palestinian Authority.

From Twitter they reported that the decision was based on a Failure to comply with the rules of societyso now you can only access to read timeline content but not to send or forward messages.

After a few hours, the account was re-enabled without further explanation. But as soon as the account appears again, the user is disabled again.

@ElonJet's profile was suspended this Wednesday for violating our Community Guidelines
@ElonJet’s profile was suspended this Wednesday for violating our Community Guidelines

The businessman explained in the afternoon that this measure was taken because the account did not comply with Duxing, which is based on the intentional and public disclosure of personal information about an individual or organization. “Posting in real time to someone else’s site violates doxing policy, but posting late to sites is fine,” Musk explained.

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However, just under two hours later, and still in the midst of the controversy that erupted, the young man behind the account celebrated that he had regained access to it.

ElonJet has been recalculated
ElonJet has been recalculated

Sweeney was resume In the morning to the little bird help center to prove that he did not break the rules, just like Still other active accounts track the movements of the celebrity’s planes Like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the Russian oligarchs.

Anyway, during his absence hours, he continued his work of posting takeoffs and landings on his personal Instagram and Facebook pages, which makes the press a lot easier when they want to find him for a statement or photo. Hours ago, for example, he noted on his Instagram that Musk’s plane “flew from Los Angeles to Austin last night after my Twitter account was suspended.”

in 2021The young man received a special message from a pole view $5,000 for Close the accountby danger to their safety. Faced with his negative response, Musk could have used a Filter technology To hide his tweets and he would have asked his trust and safety team Delete the account domainAs mentioned.

Musk, although he did not comment on the matter, had previously criticized this filtering technique known as “the shadowHe commented that previous Twitter leaders used it unfairly to suppress right-wing accounts. For this reason, upon assumption, he stated that the new Twitter will continue to reduce the scope of negative messages or those that incite hatred, but it will be more transparent in this regard.

Musk would have his team implement a technique
Musk was going to have his team apply “shadowbanning” technology to the account that tracked his plane (REUTERS)

Just this Tuesday, the co-founder and former head of Twitter, Jack Dorseyhas publicly expressed his defense of the tech company’s employees, whom Musk has criticized for a series of decisions related to Content moderationa problem that has been under scrutiny since the completion of the sale and purchase process by $44,000 million.

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“I strongly believe that any content someone produces for the Internet should be permanent until the original author chooses to remove it,” Dorsey wrote. “It should always be available and addressable,” he added, just a day before Twitter suspended the account.

However, not even Elon Musk himself can decide on this issue since he took over as the head of the network he was transmitting Mixed messages About what is permitted and what is not on the platform.

for example, Restore suspended accounts For cases related to non-compliance with the regulation, including those of the former US president Donald trumpwho was heavily questioned for his controversial statements but won the support of the majority of netizens who participated in Musk’s survey to determine his return to Twitter.

Elon Musk ran a poll on his profile, in which he won the option to restore Donald Trump's account
Elon Musk ran a poll on his profile, in which he won the option to restore Donald Trump’s account

But on the other hand, the businessman canceled the rapper’s account Kanye West – also known as Ye – after his posts containing anti-Semitic messages caused him to lose the support of several brands and put him at the center of the repeal campaign. He also refused to return to Twitter Alex Jonesfounder of the far-right website InfoWarswho was ordered to pay $1.5 billion in restitution for claiming the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was a “hoax”.

(With information from EFE, AFP and The Associated Press)

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