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Tips to make your car’s turbo last longer

Tips to make your car’s turbo last longer

some The most powerful cars are fed into their engine with turbo. This part capable of providing some extra horsepower while driving is sensitive. If unfortunately it deteriorates or is completely damaged, it is one of the most expensive engine parts.

In fact, experts advise used car buyers If they offer a car with a turbo engine, it is better to refuse it. When these types of engines wear out over the years, these parts command a lot of money to maintain. However, if you follow the turbo care steps below, it will last longer and enjoy the car at its best.

How does a turbo engine work?

What is a twin turbo engine and how does it work?
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To find out the causes of turbo wear and how to take care of it, You must know how it works. These types of engines have a clean intake air pressure system that sucks in the turbines that are driven by the exhaust gases. This allows the engine to get more oxygen and produce more power, engine torque.

Although turbocharged engines are very powerful, not all high-powered or sports cars have them. Manufacturers take advantage of the turbo To give the engine more power without having to add more elements such as more cylinders. In addition, it reduces fuel consumption and controls polluting emissions.

Next we will give you some tips for taking care of your turbo engine. If you follow these steps regularly, your engine will thank you.

Tips on extending the life of your turbocharged engine

Turbo-equipped engines need special care.
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The first thing you should know is that turbocharged engines Work at high temperatures So you need to warm up the car first before you start to accelerate it. If you accelerate without the previous step, parts wear out, and some parts can break off and destroy the turbo due to lack of lubrication. The oil must be at the perfect temperature to be able to lubricate all the parts.

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When the engine is hot, it is important to start moving the car with the clutch depressed. This makes the engine run less and the oil has the right operating temperature.

It is important to highlight this Don’t rush. If the car doesn’t get hot enough, don’t help it accelerate because it corrodes the internal parts.

Avoid driving at high speeds, try to do it at high mileage, you save fuel and do not force the engine. This is because with this action, the engine creates deposits within the propellant causing malfunctions by not reaching the proper inflation pressure. Driving this way places a lot of demands on the engine at very low revs, which puts a lot of stress on the parts.

When you stop the car to stop it, stop and idle the car, Let the engine run for a while. This will cool the turbocharger and not damage it. Two or three minutes is enough and you can turn it off completely.

he Regular maintenance is key To keep your car’s turbocharger in good condition. Be sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle and have it checked by a qualified mechanic.

Another recommendation is that If you hear strange sounds from the engine or in turbo, Don’t force it And check with an expert what might happen. Any minor malfunction can completely damage the turbo.

Needless to say Use the right oil by the manufacturer. Also change the lubricant at the estimated times so that the lubrication does not fail.

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By following these tips, you can help ensure that your car’s turbocharger stays in tip-top condition and your car runs smoothly for years to come.

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