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This tool identifies phones that have been spied with Pegasus

This tool identifies phones that have been spied with Pegasus

with inspiration Spying on the phones of journalists and executives On the NSO Group side, many people are wondering how to know if their phone has been bugged. For each of them, researchers from AI They launched a tool that lets you know if the phone has traces of Pegasus, the spyware.

The tool is called Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) and scan your Android or iOS devices for the footprints left by Pegasus on smart phones which have been interfered with. The tool is open source and available on GitHub and what it does is check the history that remains on the phone to see if Pegasus has gone through it.

Once the scanning process is complete, the software connects to the AI ​​server to compare with a previous database. Among other data, what they’re looking for are text messages from senders used by the NSO group, IP addresses, and even Pegasus processes masquerading as system processes.

While the MVT runs on both operating systems, AI says an investigation has revealed that Pegasus has been frequently found on Apple’s brand phones. However, this does not mean anything about the security of operating systems; In other words, this does not indicate that iOS is more (or less) secure than Android.

At the moment, MVT is a very primitive tool that works with a command system and does not have a graphical interface, but anyone can download and use it. Furthermore, AI concluded that phone and operating system manufacturers should take measures to make their devices more auditable “but without sacrificing security or privacy protections that already exist”.

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