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They managed to photograph the rarest beluga whale in the world

They managed to photograph the rarest beluga whale in the world

The first discovery of the existence of this whale was in 2003.

In recent days a surprising discovery has been revealed, something out of the ordinary for nature lovers: it is “the rarest whale in the world”, which was seen for the second time in history, and on this occasion, off the coast of Thailand. .

by: Nation

It all happened when a group of tourists, on a rented boat near Phuket Town, saw this sea creature that caught their attention while they were on a trip during New Year's Day.

Apparently they decided to capture this moment on video, so the majestic swim of a group of Omura whales in the Andaman Sea was recorded. The surprise was two-fold: one of them was completely white, which aroused great curiosity.

The photos were shared with officials and the conservation organization ThaiWhales, which decided to publish the material that caused a stir around the world, because it is an important discovery. In the report, they published the section in which they detailed that it was an “exciting and unique marine discovery.”

You can read the full memo at Nation

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