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They chanted “Díaz Canel Singao” with the crowd

They chanted “Díaz Canel Singao” with the crowd

Linear table He is willing to prove his political stance and make his points to those who constantly criticize him.

At his last concert in Orlando, where he was a guest The junkieThe singer and composer asked the audience to scream along with him in the chorus of Díaz Canel Cingão; But he also attacked influencer Alexander Otaola with everything.

“I want this video to be broadcast all over Cuba, all of Miami, everywhere. “I will say Díaz-Canel and you say… (Singao you can hear the audience), but when I say Otaola you say… (Singao) The audience shouted again ),” Linnear explained from the stage.

Capture Instagram/Yoseline Gonzalez

In photos posted by Lenier’s wife, Yoseline Gonzalez, on her Instagram Stories, they repeat the chorus over and over while Lenier guides the audience from the stage.

after Trip to Cuba during the Santa Maria Music FestivalThere were many who From exile they criticized Lenier Specifically to visit the island during an event promoted by the dictatorship in his hotels, which he responded by confirming that “There are more communists in Miami than in Cuba.”.

One of those who have asked the artist forcefully He has his guns pointed at him, constantly highlighting all the controversies and situations he has been involved in, namely Alexander Otaola.

A few days ago, Lenier and Cuban producer Boris Arencibia were the organizers of the festival from a nightclub They hurled homophobic words at Otaola Saying they need a “male mayor.”