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“For them to do this to me is disgusting.”

“For them to do this to me is disgusting.”

Gods He publicly revealed the boycott against his concert on September 23, after announcements of the event with a red cross and word of the cancellation began spreading on social media.

The singer gave a live interview on her Instagram account on Thursday evening, without getting upset, but she was very disappointed that things like this could happen.

“Gentlemen, I have a concert tomorrow at The Table 24 and they told me in a post that the concert has been cancelled, and this is all over the place,” the artist said.

Indeed, posts are circulating on the networks announcing the cancellation of the concert.

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“The concert will take place, it is a concert that does not have any kind of problems and I do not know why there are Cubans, unfortunately, who dedicated themselves to sharing the concert flyer with the Red Cross and canceled it,” he explained.

“Why do they see me with this face? Because how far have the Cubans come with me, the woman who the only thing she did, really, I’m one of the few artists who cared about the Cubans, one of the few artists who cared about my countrymen, is ‘doing this to me is really disgusting.'” She said, sounding disappointed.

The goddess added that they do not deserve what they do: “People who do this, of course using fake profiles, remember that in this life everything is paid for, don’t forget. When you mess with my food, you mess with my children’s food and that person is there watching.”

“By the grace of God I will be there and I will not be working with the people who are there, I will be working with the followers who are going because everyone thinks it is cancelled. “We have really become, and not all those who do this kind of thing, nonsense,” he stressed.

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This is not the first time that La Diosa has faced problems at her concerts since her arrival in Miami. In the past, she had to do so Cancellation of performance in New JerseyAccording to the artist, due to the cessation of ticket sales following a defamatory attack against her.