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These are the teams eliminated from the 2024 NFL playoffs

These are the teams eliminated from the 2024 NFL playoffs

in absence There are 3 weeks remaining in the NFL regular season schedule, The determination of which teams will be in the postseason has already begun.

The San Francisco 49ers (11-3) were the first to qualify for the playoffs and also the first to become division champions, by tying the NFC West.

They were joined by the Philadelphia Eagles (10-4) and Dallas Cowboys (10-5). Who fight to see who will get The top of the NFC East, plus Detroit Lions (11-4) What became NFC North champions; From the AFC, the two finalists are the Baltimore Ravens (11-3) and the Miami Dolphins (11-4)..

Teams were eliminated from the NFL playoffs

But it's also defined 7 teams were left without any ambition to reach the postseason, 4 from the AFC and 3 from the NFC.

From the American Conference, the New England Patriots (3-11), Los Angeles Chargers (5-10), New York Jets (5-9) and Tennessee Titans (5-9) were eliminated. As the planes depart, The return of quarterback Aaron Rodgers could be delayed until next season From the NFL.

While from the National Conference those left without prospects are the Carolina Panthers (2-12), Arizona Cardinals (3-11) and Washington Commanders (4-10)..

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