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The young Cuban dead recently arrived in Mexico

The young Cuban dead recently arrived in Mexico

A young Cuban named Jarewski Merinho Betancourt, 30, died of a heart attack a few days after arriving in Mexico and his family is asking for help to repatriate the body.

Nicaraguan media Jalapa Vision reported that the young man, originally from Guantanamo Province, had been living with part of his family for a year in the municipality of Jalapa, Nueva Segovia, in Nicaragua.

Cuban’s sister A. posted video As he explains through tears, Meriño Betancourt left for Mexico three weeks ago and has been working in a store in that country for two weeks.

However, on Wednesday night he suffered a heart attack Passed away.

Meriño Betancourt was passionate about bodybuilding.

Posted in Facebook

His relatives who live in Jalapa are asking the community to help repatriate the young man’s body, an operation estimated to cost $5,000.

Nicaragua contact numbers 89328959 or 86367875 are available for assistance.

In Mexico thousands of Cubans They are in transit with the aim of reaching the US border. Merinho Betancourt’s family did not clarify whether he was on the migration path. They say they want to send his body to Guantanamo.

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