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“The solution of Conisit would be disastrous, we will defend our places” – Radio Nacional

“The solution of Conisit would be disastrous, we will defend our places” – Radio Nacional

Interview with Gabriela Karasik
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“Conisit’s solution will be disastrous. We will defend our places.”

peers National Council for Scientific and Technical Research They offered a symbolic hug to the organization due to the lack of details about the role this region would play in government Javier Miley. Conicet researcher and director Center for South Andean Studies Evaluate the place to be occupied Science and Technology Specific definitions have not yet been given, and it is not known who will be responsible for the area that will no longer be the ministry. “It’s a mystery. We don’t know if they will implement what they promised,” he warned.

Gabriella Karasik He defended the role of Conset and science in the country’s development, and stressed that scientists and researchers “will continue to try to defend our places.”

He admitted that “we are waiting. What was announced is that we will be a small office and will no longer be a ministry,” considering that “the matter is not related to a ministry.”

In this context, he considered “the noticeable lack of understanding that manifests itself against the social sciences and in understanding the essence of science in general.”

The doctor in history, graduate of anthropological sciences, warned, in this context, that “Conisit’s solution will be disastrous because of the direction they will give to science,” in the face of the new government.

He pointed out, “We experienced this on another scale with former President Mauricio Macri. Every time he took over the right, the budget decreased, the attacks increased, and they attacked the social sciences.”

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he National Council for Scientific and Technical Research – CONICET – is the main organization dedicated to the promotion of science and technology in Argentina.

Currently, the organization employs more than 11,800 researchers, more than 11,800 doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, more than 2,900 technicians and research support specialists, and approximately 1,500 administrative staff.

They operate distributed throughout the country – from Antarctica to Puna and from the Andes to the Argentine Sea – in its 16 Scientific and Technological Centers (CCT), 10 Research and Transport Centers (CIT), interdisciplinary research and more than 300 centres. Institutes and centers exclusive to CONICET and with double and triple accreditation among national universities and other institutions.

Its activity is carried out in four broad areas of knowledge: agricultural, engineering and materials sciences; Biological and health sciences. Exact and natural sciences. Social and human sciences.

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