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The controversial contract Jeff Bezos signed to his former housekeeper has been leaked

The controversial contract Jeff Bezos signed to his former housekeeper has been leaked

A former employee accused Jeff Bezos of mistreatment and mistreatment of workers. AP

Business tycoon Jeff Bezos was sued by his former housekeeper, Mercedes Wadda, who claimed that the Amazon founder forced her to work long hours, up to 14 hours a day, in unsanitary conditions; He also accused him and other collaborators of racial discrimination. Although the complaint was rejected, the confidentiality contract that the woman signed to work with the famous businessman has now come to light.

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According to the complaint filed in court last year, the woman joined the businessman’s service staff in September 2019. Although it is common for celebrities to protect their privacy and the privacy of their families through certain contractual agreements, it is surprising that the document was leaked from one of the… The richest people on the planet.

“I understand and agree that protecting the privacy of Mr. Bezos and his family members is a fundamental obligation of my service agreement,” the document copied by Business Insider said. In another paragraph, Wadaa promised not to disclose what happened from the beginning of his work until the end of the employment contract. “Including any discussion or disclosure of opinions or personal comments about Mr. Bezos or any members of his family,” he said, specifying the text that was included in the court filings made by the former employee and presented by her defense to the court.

The 22-page confidentiality agreement, known as an NDA for non-disclosure agreements, also prohibits the woman from sharing “observations, ideas, experiences, photographs or personal impressions” related in any way to Bezos or any of your family members.

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Impossibility of getting money through Bezos’s comic materials

If Farewell had any photographic or video material about his life related to Bezos, the businessman would have been entitled to buy it from him for $10. Among other issues, Lauren Sanchez’s powerful friend also tried to prevent any third party from trying to bribe his workers in exchange for confidential information.

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