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The Beast will be put up for auction: the car that set a record for its power and consumption

A unique car described as ‘the pinnacle of British engineering’ is up for auction on Car & Classic. “the monster” He has been a legend since the ’60s and has starred in countless magazine reports. It was even listed in 1977 in the Guinness Book of Records as “The most powerful car in the world“.

the monster.
Credit: Car & Classic | politeness

The beast will be put up for auction

now, The beast is looking for a new home after its creator, John DowdHe passed away last year at the age of 90. The Beast was born in 1966 as a rolling chassis specially designed by Paul Jameson.. Although this was his first road car project, Jameson decided to install a 27-litre Rolls-Royce Meteor engine taken from a tank.

John Dodd helped build a transmission to power the massive engine, and later bought The Beast from Jameson. Dodd also added the first bodywork, with a Rolls-Royce front grille. Dodd ran into trouble with Rolls-Royce’s legal department, but a fire destroyed the car before legal proceedings could begin.

the monster.
Credit: Car & Classic | politeness

The Beast V12 engine

Dodd took advantage of the occasion to step up New 27-litre Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 streamlined engine. He also commissioned the outrageous Hulk that Beast still practices today. Rolls-Royce remained unaffected and the trial forced Dodd to drive the Beast out of the country, to Spain. He later changed the front grill to the current ‘JD’ design, and every year he would bring the Beast back to Britain for a MOT.

Is the Beast a Rolls-Royce?

The Merlin engine gave the car “at least” 750 horsepower, which means it was registered to Rolls-Royce on the V5 document. In 1973, the RAC-verified top speed run allowed the beast to reach 183 mph.

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the monster.
Credit: Car & Classic | politeness

a automatic transmission Three speeds help control a massive amount of power. Fortunately, disc brakes were installed on all wheels, along with a heavy-duty suspension.

The Beast is a truly exceptional car: the product of one man’s vision to create an iconic car. In a world of small engines, using a 27-liter V12 to power a Spitfire seems silly, as does fuel economy of 2mpg. But these practical concerns are clearly beside the point.

the monster.
Credit: Car & Classic | politeness

When will the monster be auctioned off?

The monster auction begins Thursday, March 9, 2023 It will last seven days. Whoever wins will undoubtedly own a car like no other.

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