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The 2023 AirPods will have a USB-C port and will measure hearing problems

The 2023 AirPods will have a USB-C port and will measure hearing problems

Apple is preparing to launch a new generation of AirPods this fall that will finally come with USB-C and some health features. Mark Gurman, who recently leaked all the Vision Pro details, is back in the fray with a round of rumors about new AirPods Pro.

in your newsletter employment, Gurman suggested that the AirPods Pro will be announced alongside the iPhone 15 and will replace the Lightning charging port with a USB-C port. The new iPhone will also be USB-C, among other things because the European Commission has forced Apple to adopt the universal port.

As for the health characteristics, Gorman said that Apple has implemented a hearing test that will play different tones in the user’s ear, and based on the answers they give, he will be able to detect possible hearing problems.

Instead of determining how well you hear, AirPods will help you detect hearing problems for referral to a professional, in the same way that the EKG app on the Apple Watch detects possible fibrillation, but instead of confirming it, it advises going to the doctor.

Gurman also said that Apple was working on new health-related sensors for the AirPods. As rumored, one of these sensors It will measure the body temperature through the ear canal, but it doesn’t look like it will be ready for this generation.

Although a successor to the third generation AirPods is not expected this year, Apple is developing cheaper models of headphones.

For the rest, the new generation of AirPods will benefit from each other What’s new in iOS 17. The main new one is Adaptive Audio, which is a dynamic noise cancellation feature that changes depending on the environment. It consists of two other sub-functions: Custom Volume, which uses machine learning to calibrate the sound based on your preferences; and Speech Detection, which automatically lowers the volume, reduces background noise and highlights the voices of your interlocutors when they are speaking to you.

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With iOS 17, it’s also faster to switch between devices (as long as they’re both Apple devices), or turn the mic on and off by pressing the stem of one earbud during a call.