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Surprise!  José Canseco explains how he lost all his fortune and ended up sleeping in a garage

Surprise! José Canseco explains how he lost all his fortune and ended up sleeping in a garage

José Canseco has, without a doubt, become a standout within the MLB for all that he represents in Major League Baseball, but above all due to the controversy he has always been involved in. The Cuban player became a two-time World Championship champion, best player, and even the highest-paid baseball player in the entire MLB.

The player came to collect a fortune from $ 55 million During his career as a professional player in the major leagues, but in the same way he was able to lose everything so much that he ended up sleeping in a garage within a few years of his retirement from baseball.

Al-Cuban states that after his retirement he got into legal trouble because of his bar brawl. He then faced a divorce and a trial to custody his daughter. All this without mentioning a series of fines and a few months in prison They left him with only $ 20 in his pocket.

Since then, the player has reinvented himself to be able to get out of the difficult economic situation he was involved in. Canseco has made use of his fame and recognition for appearing in various reality shows or TV shows That generate some type of income.


However, it stands out His career as a boxer / showman That brought you the most profit. Not to mention that His book Juiced It has continued to be royalty income after its publication more than 15 years ago.

Despite overcoming the difficult situation, the fact that a player can squander such wealth is surprising, but without a doubt, it highlights the value of moving forward and today in a stable position.

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