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SpaceX rocket launch, Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – NBC Los Angeles

SpaceX rocket launch, Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – NBC Los Angeles

A SpaceX rocket is scheduled to lift off Tuesday from the California coast, carrying another batch of internet satellites.

The Falcon 9 launch was scheduled to take place at Vandenberg Space Force Base northwest of Los Angeles at noon Monday, but was pushed back to 11:20 a.m. Tuesday. Because of the weather.

However, it had to be postponed again to Wednesday, March 1, at 11:06 am.

The rocket will carry 51 Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit.

The first stage of propellant will return to a drone in the Pacific. Depending on cloud cover, first-stage flames and jets can be seen from up to 100 miles away, according to the Vandenberg Space Force Base.

How to watch a SpaceX launch

The Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to lift off from the base near Santa Barbara on Wednesday at 11:06 am. click here To watch live coverage from SpaceX or just click on the video above.

The retry window will open at 3:29 PM California time, in case it needs to be held.

What are Starlink satellites?

SpaceX has a Starlink constellation of satellites that orbit Earth at an altitude of about 340 miles. The satellites were carried into space by SpaceX rockets.

Starlink is designed to provide high-speed Internet anywhere in the world.

Can I see Starlink satellites in orbit?

Yes, sometimes they put on a heavenly show. If the lighting conditions are just right, the satellites appear in a train as they parade across the night sky.

Satellites are sometimes visible in the first few minutes after sunset and before sunrise when the sun is below the horizon, but the satellites are high enough to reflect direct sunlight.

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Use the tracker findstarlink To find the next best viewing times.

This story first appeared on Telemundo’s sister station NBCLA 52. Click here Read this story in English.