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“Original Cuba Today” receives an award from the Academy of Sciences

“Original Cuba Today” receives an award from the Academy of Sciences

Investigation “Original Cuba today. “Their faces and their DNA.” And he deserved it Social Sciences and Humanities Prize 2023 Awarded by the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

According to the opinion: “ investigation “The presentation presented is unique in its case as a genetic study combined with a study of the social reality of the participating individuals, who are members of families with similar phenotypes to those of the Cuban indigenous population.”

It was later said: “The new integral of Science and artvia Scientific photographyAnd gives it important properties. Another contribution is the organization of historical knowledge and previous anthropological research integrated into the text.

The researcher deserves praise Beatrice Marchico Teruel, professor at the National Center of Medical Genetics and the University of Medical Sciences of Havana; Historian, anthropologist, director of the Baracoa Governor’s Office and city historian, Alejandro Hartmann Matos, Vice President of the Network of Preservation Offices and Historian of Heritage Towns in Cuba. And also an engineer and doctor in social sciences, Enrique Javier Gomez Cabezas, professor and researcher at the Center for Psychological and Social Research; As well as collaborators Group of Excellencies And Excellence Awards CubaTeacher Julio A. Laramendi by airDoctor of Science, Editorial Director of Ediciones Polymita, Research Associate at the National Museum of Natural History of Cuba and artist Hector Garrido Gil, with photographic works on the geometry of the Earth’s surface and a series of portraits of artistic figures. His ethnographic and landscape photography projects in America, Africa and Europe also stand out.

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As stated in the presentation summary “Original Cuba today. “Their faces and their DNA.”, Thanks to this research, “the presence of indigenous heritage in the genetic and cultural heritage of the nation was established, in contrast to the more accepted version of the extinction of the Indians in Cuba.”