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Mayweather: "Soy el único que puede hacer una pelea falsa y ganar 100 millones"

Mayweather: “I’m the only one who can fight a mock battle and win 100 million”

On June 6 Floyd Maywith Jr. He returned to enter the ring to face YouTuber Logan Paul in a show fight, which he couldn’t send to the plate to claim victory. However, he said the fight generated what was in the mind of ‘money’, that is The purpose of the American explanation was to make big profits for his bank account According to his words, he did.

So make it known Mayweather In a press conference with the media, he assured him that he is the only person who can make a lot of money in an informal fight.

“I am the only one who can fight a mock battle and get 100 million. I can do legitimate sparring and get $100 million. Am I the best bank thief? Because I don’t know anyone in sports who my age is and I can still win it (millions) like that,” he boasted.

He will not return to professional boxing

Although he showed that he is still in good shape and that rIt can generate big profitsAnd the Floyd He made it clear that he would not return to boxing as a professional, because he is realistic about what he can do now.

“When it comes to my return to the sport of boxing, I never do. As for me making an offer again, I probably won’t.”

“I’ve been into this sport for a long time, and I’ve been letting people see that I can go out at 44 and bring 30,000 to the field and bring in good numbers to pay per view. You act like I’m 19, it’s all about growing up and aging; I can’t fight like I used to fight against people like Jatti and people like that.”, was sentenced.

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