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Marketing of Solar PV Systems Started Today (+ Video) › Cuba › Granma

Marketing of Solar PV Systems Started Today (+ Video) › Cuba › Granma

Starting today, Copextel will commercialize solar PV systems with 1 kW injection into the electricity grid for the residential sector.

Although the service is expected to be extended to the rest of the country in the coming months, at this point it will only be sold in the capital, according to Tribuna de La Habana.

The customer can go in person or call the Copextel call center at 7833-3333; In either case, the system will be automatically reserved until a technician visits it, within seven calendar days, to assess requirements that ensure the proper functioning of the equipment.

The customer can make the purchase by electronic payment or by requesting a credit in a banking institution. The cost of 55,000 pesos includes all system components as well as their transportation and technician visits for installation and assembly. After that, the buyer must go to the electricity company and conclude the contract to connect the national electrical system.

Among the requirements: available ceiling (ceiling) or floor surface 12.5 square meters, from concrete (panel); If it is soil, it must be paved (cement or asphalt) and exposed to the sun all year round. It shall be located, preferably, horizontally or, failing that, in such a way as to allow the settlement of the solar PV system.