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Luis “Panfilo” Silva celebrated his 45th birthday in Cuba

Luis “Panfilo” Silva celebrated his 45th birthday in Cuba

The famous comedian Luis Silva, mainly known for starring in the TV show “Vivir del corazón”, celebrated his 45th birthday, and Panfilo Epifanio reached this age accompanied by his family, especially his mother, who also shares his birthday with him. It can be said that the actor has become a symbol of humor on the island through his weekly program. By the way, “Live from the Story” is repeated every year as the most popular space on national television, according to polls conducted by that broadcaster. Panfilo’s character is synonymous with brilliant and witty comedy, as he always uses double meanings in his heated speeches.

Luis Silva thanked all the congratulatory and love messages he received during his birthday on social media. He also remembered that his dear mother also had a birthday on that day. The artist posted on Facebook: “Monday, October 9th. Factory and product. Greetings to all”.

Popular admiration

Silva enjoys great admiration from all viewers and followers for his sense of humor on the island, and hence his birthday generated a large number of messages and congratulations on the occasion of his 45th birthday, so family, friends, comedians, and the general public decided to allocate some minutes of the party. A day to entertain someone who makes you laugh every Monday night.

If we talk about Panfilo, it is necessary to remember that he recently received a nomination for the 2023 Latin Music Grammy Awards. The award ceremony will take place next November.

This condition is due to the collaboration on the song “El bodeguero” from the album “Danzoneando” by the Faílde Orchestra. In this edition, the song competes in the “Best Traditional Tropical Album” category. Ethel Fylde, the group’s leader, shared the news in a video uploaded to social media about a month ago.

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