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Live: Watch the amazing 2022 lunar eclipse

Live: Watch the amazing 2022 lunar eclipse

Paris France.

Part of the planet will be able to come at night from Sunday to Monday total lunar eclipseIt is a rare phenomenon during which the brightness of the satellite dims and gradually takes on a copper tint.

Here you can watch the live broadcast.

– Moon eclipses Earth’s shadow It can be seen in South and Central America In the eastern part of North Amarica. It will also be seen from the regions of Europe and Africa.

The total lunar eclipse It usually happens twice a year, when Sun, Earth and Moon It is perfectly aligned and the moon is in its full phase.

As it sinks into the Earth’s shadow, the moon loses its whiteness. But it is still visible because the sun’s rays, deflected by the action of the Earth, continue to reach it through “atmospheric refraction,” explains Florent Delively, of the PSL Paris Observatory, to AFP.

During an eclipse, the Earth can only illuminate the Moon by directing its red rays.adds the astronomer.

This phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye and with clear skies that are very light.

The eclipse will last about five hours and in its total phase – when the star is completely covered by the Earth’s shadow – a little over an hour.

The The next total lunar eclipse It will be held in November, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Florent Delively Remember that lunar eclipses are allowed to appear.”Since ancient times“The earth is round.

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On the lunar disk, the boundary between the shadow area and the part illuminated by the Sun is slightly curved: it is the projection of the Earth’s rotation‘, he explains.

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