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How learning to say no can make you happier

How learning to say no can make you happier

Freedom is one of the keys that allow us to achieve happiness in our lives, but to do so we must

Be very clear about what we want Above all, what we deserve. Often, in order not to disappoint someone else’s hopes or others’ expectations, we end up doing things that we don’t feel like doing.

Feeling forced to do things you don’t want just to try to please others leads to you not knowing how to say no, which will end in the long run.

It can have bad consequences. Each person’s decision-making ability should always be present, and they should know how to set boundaries.

Assertiveness is the best way to say “no”

If this profile we describe matches your way of being, then you should think.

Where does this fear of rejection come from?The reality of the ability to disappoint others and the need for approval. You may have been in bad relationships in the past, and that resulted in saying “no.”

But what you need to be clear about is that this is not a bad thing, but it is very beneficial for you and your mental health. Constantly having to make plans or things you don’t want to do

It can lead to feelings of frustration Continuous, which ends with an explosion in the form of anger and annoyance.

Assertiveness will be your best ally in these cases, and always try not to hurt the other person with our response. The most advisable thing is not to give a dry “no”, but rather

Be accompanied by an explanation Through which we make the opposing party understand our position.

The importance of knowing yourself

Often times these types of situations arise because we have not built a good relationship with ourselves

We sat down to listen to each other And knowing what we really want. That’s when you err on the side of comfort, and adjust to what others want, rather than your own preferences.

This often happens unconsciously, due to a lack of personal knowledge, which causes you to enter a cycle of giving in and lying to reject the proposals of others. You can learn how to express this word

Powerful change in our lives every day.

It can help us improve the quality of our time and manage it in a more efficient and satisfying way. It allows us to enjoy the freedom that…

Provides setting healthy boundariesAvoid the intrusion of negative thoughts and attitudes into ourselves and others.

Although you may feel uncomfortable at first, don’t stop doing it, because practice makes perfect, and little by little you will enjoy the satisfaction that comes with this liberating gesture. In the long run you will feel

Feeling empowered and self-affirmingTake control of your life, your decisions, and your time, which will lead to greater happiness and overall well-being.

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