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How can DNA robots change medicine?

How can DNA robots change medicine?

Updated: 04.29.2021 14:00 AM.

Although it looks like Science FictionTruth is, she was checking in Robots facts From the DNA, Which will have the task of ensuring people’s health by getting to places and tackling problems that were hitherto complex – extremely impossible – tackle.

This is the situation Cancer cells, As shown in Clinic Cloud, which can be present to eliminate them without needing to harm all other nearby cells, as it happens when more common treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are implemented.

Could there be a DNA robot?

The answer to this question is yes; Can be created DNA robots From complementary sequences. That is, DNA is not only able to transmit genetic information, but it can also self-assemble, forming more complex structures. This means that molecules are able to meet to create larger “robots” capable of carrying out tasks at the cellular level.

As explained by Dr. Frederick Lordach in the aforementioned Clinical Cloud article, in Harvard Weiss Institute of Engineering inspired by biology They’ve already managed to fold some ”Synthetic DNA strands for making a barrel-shaped cage about 35 nm in diameter, Which are able to carry antibodies capable of destroying cancer cells. This means that they will have the power to do so Attack disease Directly, as never before.

Undoubted progress

It can also be concluded, create nanorobots It would bring major advances in medicine, both in treatment effectiveness and in cost. On the other hand, it will be possible to bring the drugs exactly to the affected site, so that they will fight off the infected cells.

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On the other hand, that efficiency can Lower medical costs, Because they focus directly on the evil that afflicts humans, without having to choose complex treatments that could also affect their health.

The DNA strand / Arik Socha at Pixabay

The basic step

One of the major steps recently taken that could be a final impetus for the use of nanotechnology has been the ability to build robots somewhat larger than what has been done, so that they are trained to perform more complex tasks.

Like the aforementioned Harvard Institute, in The University of New South Wales in Australia These small robots are being federated into larger structures capable of assembling themselves when scientists want to. This way, at the moment they need it, nanorobots can come together, do the job for which they were designed, and then separate again so that The body itself destroys them.

The future in the microscope

Thus, it appears that the future of medicine lies in nanotechnology, that is, in the microscopic elements that are able to travel through the human body and analyze cells, and the ability to perform other tasks such as clearing clogged arteries or healing simple wounds. Plus improvement Managing any pharmaceutical product So it works exactly when you need it.

And that’s not all, even nanorobots can be embedded in Skin treatments To treat skin diseases, in Oral hygiene And of course, as original forts to protect and aid immune system. After all, having a small army of nanorobots capable of assembling and disassembling to eliminate any kind of disease at the cellular level could be revolutionary.

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Fear is the enemy

These technological and medical developments have a major fear barrier Conspiracy theories Flowing across networks that even celebrities echo without any worries. This is the case of the rumor mill about the Coronavirus vaccine and how they want to use it to control everyone who is given them.

An example of this was tweet from Miguel Boss Last June, under the pretext of the following:Eugenics scientist Bill Gates forgot the existence of the damned newspaper library, and in the past he has spoken repeatedly about his project of vaccines that carry microchips or nanorobots to obtain all kinds of information from the world’s population with the sole aim of controlling him – she“.